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Efficient, effective legal assistance for today’s small business owner.

Starting a small business can be intimidating, especially when it comes to legal assistance. You know you need it, but the idea of going to a big law firm seems like more trouble than it’s worth, and online legal services don’t give you the personal attention and professional assurance you need. Is there anywhere you can go to get trusted legal assistance without the extra time and expense? The answer is yes.

Welcome to Basic Business Law—a unique legal practice focused on providing small business owners with fast, accurate legal assistance that delivers more personal service than they do online and less intimidating than big law firms. Our goal is to equip you, the small business owner, with the documents, details and advice you need in a cost-effective and efficient manner so you can spend more time focusing on the business at hand.

There are no hidden fees or extra expenses, and through our flat-rate pricing structure available online, business owners can know exactly what they are getting and what they are paying for before the process begins.

At Basic Business Law, we believe in the small business owners of the world. They are hard-working, dedicated, passionate people who deserve every chance to succeed. And that’s why we’re here—to give them the necessary legal assistance tools to pursue their dreams with confidence. If that’s you, take your first step today by calling Basic Business Law at (913) 284-7646 or contacting us today. We’ll give you the fast, professional legal assistance you need with the personal attention you deserve. 


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